Product Installations

Installations are performed by trained technicans

according to manufacturer specifications to ensure the safe and optimum operation of products. Installations are also done to insure warranty validity

Maintenance and Service

Full service and warranty work

on all home heating products, spas, and grills by trained technicians.


Trained personnel perform inspections according to your needs

New Client Inspections:
We will perform a New Client Inspection anytime we get a new client before sweeping their chimney system and or servicing their appliance.

Level 1 Inspection:
Yearly inspections for existing customers.

Level 2 Inspection:
Inspections conducted anytime property ownership has been transferred, new tenants move in to a home, something in the chimney or venting system has been changed, an appliance has been changed, something found in a level 1 chimney inspection warrants a level 2 chimney inspection, a chimney fire has occurred, or evidence of a chimney fire has been found.

Chimney Sweeping

We are certified as Chimney Sweep Technicians by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Trained technicans sweep, install, clean and maintain fireplaces, wood stoves, gas, and pellet heating systems and the chimneys that serve them. Plus, they evaluate their performance, prescribe changes to improve their performance, and educate the consumer about their safe and efficient operation.

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Dryer Duct Cleaning

We are certified as Dryer Exhaust Technicians by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

A routine cleaning of your dryer ducts can prevent lint fires, carbon monoxide seepage, and mold. Plus, by helping your drying to run more efficiently, you will save money on electricity bills.

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