Hearthstone Craftsbury

Hearthstone Craftsbury

Starting At $2,599.00

A Compact and Efficient Heater

This compact and efficient wood heater will keep your home warm make the most of your wood pile.

Tradition Cast Iron Quality

The Craftsbury is constructed of high-quality cast iron parts from our Spanish foundry and finished with beautiful porcelain enamel.

TruHybrid™ + Soapstone

Lined with soapstone blocks and using our TruHybrid™ technology, the Craftsbury offers long-lasting and efficient heat.

Product Description

Fuel Type: Seasoned Cord Wood

Peak BTU/hr Output: 40,000

Heating Capacity: Up To 1,400sq.ft

Maximum Burn Time: 20hrs

Firebox Capacity: 1.32cu.ft

Recommended Log Length: 16”

Efficiency: 79%

Emissions: 1.07 grams/hour


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