Hearthstone Green Mt.40

Hearthstone Green Mt.40

Starting At $2,449.00

Clean Traditional Cast Iron

Our GM40 wood stove is styled with clean lines and offered in traditional black cast iron. Built for the wood stove purist.

TruHybrid Reliability

Our Green Mountain stoves exceed EPA clean burning standards. You can be sure they will burn clean today and for many years to come.

Soapstone Firebox Lining

The GM40 is lined with soapstone blocks. Soapstone absorbs the heat of the fire to give you long-lasting comfortable heat

Product Description

Fuel Type: Seasoned Cord Wood

Peak BTU/hr Output: 40,000

Heating Capacity: Up To 1,400sq.ft

Maximum Burn Time: 20hrs

Firebox Capacity: 1.32cu.ft

Recommended Log Length: 16”

Efficiency: 79%

Emissions: 1.07 grams/hour


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