Hearthstone Manchester

Hearthstone Manchester

Starting At $3,699.00

Natural Convective Heat

The Manchester is built with an air channel up the back and across the top of the stove which helps circulate warm air through your home.

Convenient Features

Load your fireplace through the side door and use the integral ash pan to help keep your hearth clean and tidy.

TruHybrid™ + Soapstone

Lined with soapstone blocks and using our TruHybrid™ technology, the Manchester offers long-lasting and efficient heat.

Product Description

Fuel Type: Seasoned Cord Wood

Peak BTU/hr Output: 75,000

Heating Capacity: Up To 2,400sq.ft

Maximum Burn Time: 30hrs

Firebox Capacity: 2.9 cu.ft

Recommended Log Length: 24”

Efficiency: 78%

Emissions: .65 grams/hour


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