Quadrafire Pioneer III

Quadrafire Pioneer III

The Pioneer III is the largest and most powerful wood fireplace produced by Quadra-Fire. Powered by the Quadra-Fire four-point burn system providing an impressive fire that can be easily seen through the large 341 sq.in. cast iron glass door. Along with Smart Burn Technology (SBT), which controls the amount of air coming into your fireplace. Simply push the button, set your thermostat and walk away. The Pioneer III will take care of the rest. This heating power house is available with an arch door or rectangular door and three front choices ensuring the right look for any décor.

Product Description

Fuel Type: Seasoned Cord Wood

Peak BTU/hr Output: 9,900

Heating Capacity: 1,200 – 2,800

Maximum Burn Time: 18hrs.

Firebox Capacity: 4.1 cu.ft

Recommended Log Length: 24″

Viewing Area: 341 sq.in

Efficiency: 74.3%

Emissions: 2 gram/hour


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